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I'm *insert character here* for the CAPCOM BC!!
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1) one character per member (don't cheat and make a whole bunch of LJs to claim more)

2) don't fight, please. First come, first serve basis

3) use the tags!! :D Saying the name will suffice

4) not only can one claim a playable character, one can also claim one who isn't playable. ANYONE FROM THE CAPCOM REALM!! :D No matter, just as long as they're from a CAPCOM title!! :D

5) once I reply to your entry, post your claim somewhere visible

6) active LJs, please

7) inactive LJs will be at risk to lose their claim. If you haven't updated within a year, your claim will be up for grabs

8) if you wish to drop your claim, make an entry stating that you no longer wish to be part of the blog crew. Tag your entry with "dropping" and your character

9) if you're switching LJs, make an entry so that you won't lose your claim

10) have fun!! ^_^


subject is to be "There's bubblegum in my hair" so that I know you've read the rules
and state who you want